Wanna Sleep With A Local?

The Williamsburg Hotel, in the heart of Brooklyn, positions itself as a place where guests can experience this very ‘hip’ neighborhood like a local.  The hotel does a great job of subtly driving that message home throughout the customer journey - from booking to check-out. Right from the start, you are greeted on the website homepage with - Wanna Sleep With A Local? The hotel and neighborhood are very dog friendly - they offer a Wag Like A Local lodging package.  Lots of special treats and warm welcomes were given to our dog at check-in.  Very cute. When we visited the rooftop bar and restaurant for a cocktail and bite to eat - we found this painted on a wall - Sleep with a local.  Drink with a local.   Graffiti is the thing in Brooklyn and this reinforced our sense of being in the neighborhood.  There were many other great examples of how the hotel was branded from the inside out.  One thing is for sure, you will always know where you are when you stay at The Williamsburg Hotel.