Join the Revolution

The Revolution Hotel, in the very stylish South End of Boston, positions itself as a place where history meets art, culture and innovation. As you enter the lobby, you are greeted with a spray-painted mural created by a local street artist. Small efficient guest rooms are offset by efficient work spaces in the basement, loaded with character, and fitted with everything you need including a bar. From blankets to room keys, revolutionary colors (red + white) add historic charm to the design. There is a ‘hipster’ feel to the hotel, making it a perfect compliment to its South End location. Lodging packages include the ‘Get Bunked Up Package’ when you want to bring your crew, along with ‘That Fenway Feeling’, further emphasizing the history and spirit of Boston. I mean who doesn’t want a ticket to Fenway? This hotel does a great job of creating a sense of place and welcoming those who want an artistic yet cultural experience during their stay.